Have you ever seen “Four Weddings” on TLC? The object of the show is for the brides to compete against each other for the “best wedding”. The brides attend each other’s weddings and critique one another based on a point system. The highest score wins a fabulous honeymoon somewhere amazing so you can imagine that they are extremely competitive! They criticize each other like they are getting paid for it (which obviously they are). They criticize everything from the dress, to the venue, to the food – most especially the food. No matter the size of the guest list, pleasing more than ten taste buds is no easy feat at any wedding. After an emotional ceremony and before the normal dancing begins, guests typically look forward to the meal they will be served. Every couple’s goal is to have the food taste delicious but quite often, it seems the food is not personalized, typically falling short and leading to a disappointing meal. Most bridal couples make the other aspects of their wedding personal, from the ceremony, to pictures, to a signature cocktail, so why not personalize the food as well? Below are some tips to make your wedding food special and personalized.

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Center the food on your life as a couple. If you and your partner have traveled, serve a recipe from each place you have visited. Next to each dish at the buffet, or on individual menu cards, give a description of the dish and a quick detail and photo about you and your partner’s time there. Maybe make the menu on a postcard! A practice like this can make the food feel more personal to each guest, and they will feel more included in your journey as a couple together. Even if the food does not appeal to some of the guests they will appreciate your shared personal stories. They will surely feel that the food was a sincere and thoughtful idea based on the couple’s personal style and experiences together. Was your favorite trip to a whiskey distillery?


Do you or your partner have a homemade recipe you share often or a signature recipe that belongs to your heritage? It doesn’t necessarily need to be for an entire dish. It could be for something as simple as a pasta sauce. What about your favorite biscuits? Quite often wedding caterers have an existing menu, with the ability to modify foods and recipes. Why not see if your caterer can make a homemade recipe for your wedding? Most are very accommodating and are happy to provide this service. You can include this personalized recipe information on the menu card that will help your guests appreciate the food for more than just its flavor.

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It may even be fun to incorporate foods from other cultures! As Mindy Weiss described in The Wedding Book, the bride and groom of the Yoruba people in Africa “taste sour (lemon), bitter (vinegar), hot (cayenne), and sweet (honey) to represent the different stages and facets of a relationship.” This tradition illustrates “the couple’s willingness to journey through both good and hard times together” which is a powerful message and tradition that any couple can borrow. Borrowing traditions like these ensure your guests will enjoy the food beyond its flavor. They are sure to enjoy the personal touches you have added to the foods and presentation for an unforgettable wedding reception experience! How about your favorite pastry from Italy.

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It’s springtime, which means wedding season is in full swing! We’ve done our research on what the hottest catering trends for 2015 are and want to share what we’ve found. We at Beyond Details want to ensure unforgettable events, by providing unforgettable food and let’s be honest, who doesn’t remember great food?!

Upscale Comfort Foods

We all have our favorite comfort foods that we can’t resist and it’s why we love the idea of incorporating this into our menus! When your guests see their favorite comfort food on a plate or station it’s going to be something they can’t resist! Our favorites include fantastically creamy Three Cheese Mac and Cheese, Smashed Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes topped with Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Chives (who doesn’t love Bacon?), Homemade Hot Biscuit Bar, our “Grown Up” PB & J Bar (reminiscent of childhood), Strawberry Shortcake Station and Hand Made Float and Milkshake Bar to name a few. Please tell us what your favorite comfort foods are and that you can’t say no to? We are open to create whatever it is to bring that touch of comfort to your special event!

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Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

One of the hottest trends we provide is presenting your food in unique and creative ways. By creating a unique presentation of your food our displays will get your guests talking about the food before they even have the chance to taste it! We can help present your favorite food and drink in a way that your guests have never seen making it a unique and memorable experience. From personal mini serving sizes to full action stations the look and taste will be unforgettable! Unique serving pieces and platters, salads and desserts in mason jars, embossed personalized initialed mini sliders are just a few presentation touches that will give your guests something to talk about and remember for years to come!

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Mini Walking Foods

               Mini Walking Foods for dinner that are a few bites or more are a trend that continues to grow because it allows your guests to have various choices of food in just a few bites while walking, mixing and mingling throughout the event! Mason Jar Salads & Desserts, Mini Sliders, Mac and Cheese Balls and Shrimp and Grit Shooters are just a few versatile mini foods to be served for appetizer, entrée, and dessert! This allows your guests to try everything on the menu and come back for more of their favorites should they desire. We find that Mini Walking Foods really keep the guests happy and the conversations flowing!


Whether it’s an old bathtub full of beer or galvanized bucket .. buying or renting props is an amazing way to make your event different than all the rest. Sure you see it all over Pinterest but how do you execute? Do you rent or buy?

Well.. if you want to have 18 wooden boxes, 34 mason jars and 8 random whiskey barrels that you are stuck with laying around your house… Then I would suggest  buy them.. but if you don’t, I would say rent! After your wedding, you are too tired and hopefully on your way to Cabo or the Bahamas… last thing you need to come home to is all that junk thrown in your house by your Mom and wedding coordinator!


Traditions have changed as have the design and decor of a wedding. Rustic and Rust to Vintage milk glass and tin cans. It can all be accomplished in unique and various ways. We… of course being a design firm are obsessed with all things out of the box. We are so obsessed, the owner came up with “Found” our very own prop rental company! While I think it is amazing excuse to shop… He of course, knows it’s another amazing way to appeal to our Brides and to make their lives easier. Just check out our amazing showroom and like us on Facebook.

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If you are a photographer looking for props for a photo shoot or even a bride getting married outside our venue we are available to anyone in the Atlanta area! We want to make your day special and unique.

Come find something, because we already Found it!!
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Use to Cocktail Hour was a way for the wedding coordinator to buy time to flip the room, while the photographer held the Bride and Groom hostage to take those 1980’s stuffy wedding portraits. Remember those?! The Newlywed couple would spend money on food and beverage for their guests and would not even have the chance to enjoy the appetizers or a much needed drink. Hungry and parched they would show up to the reception in just enough time to be introduced, dance, cut the cake and depart. But now allow me to introduce to you “The NEW Cocktail Hour”.
In the past couple years we have noticed the Bride and Groom are making more of an effort to create their own hyped up version of what would be their personalize happy hour and now… more and more couple are showing up. Which of course if the money and effort is being spent, they deserve too! In some cases the Bride and Groom haven’t seen Parents, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, Uncle Ed and Cousin Susie in months or sometimes years. This is not only the biggest day for you, but sometimes a family reunion of some sort. This one hour before the reception sets the tone & mood for the rest of the evening.
From the adorable miniature monogrammed sliders to the AMAZING stuffed mushrooms, which are featured at almost every event we coordinate… ( they are to die for.. if you don’t like mushrooms, you will like these.. oh my.. let me catch my breath and wipe my mouth… oh my..  there are a lot of grammatical errors in this last sentence.. but its uncontrollable, taste these and you will understand.) Allow me to start over. From the amazing appetizers, beer and wine selection, your signature drink to even games and cute patio seating that makes cute photo opportunities. Check out below all the ways that we have worked with our brides to maximize all their cocktail hour opportunities’.ImageImageImageImage

As the year starts to heat up, weddings season is in full swing and some of the trends for this season are already distinguished.

Trend # 1: Southern Decadence:

Our good ole fashion southern recipes that we know and love are getting an upscale spin on grandma’s best dishes. 2014 trends are bringing comfort foods mainstream with Smoked Barbecue Brisket, Red Cabbage and Carrot Slaw, Breaded Macaroni Casserole and the All-American Potato Salad with flare. Gourmet Chicken and Waffles found its place as one of New York City’s favorites for catered events. Add a topping from your local market to get a taste of home. Let Grandma sit back and enjoy the year as some of your families favorite recipes appear at events with more flavor and combinations than ever before styled up for an upscale presentation. 



Trend # 2 Beat the Heat: 

With many new organic and healthy beverage options pouring out, 2014 is cooling down in style. Fruit infused Iced Teas, Lemonade’s, and Waters such as Berry Berry and Cucumber Melon Water give’s your guests a relaxing delicious drink along with creating a beautiful focal point on your table-scape. 

Many breweries have created organic wine and spirits which means our favorite reception cocktails must meet the new standards. Pink Grapefruit Sparklers with organic vodkas and liqueurs give guests a refreshing topic to discuss, along with local organic red and white wines to pair with dinner and then finishing out the night with healthy organic stouts and lagers send your guests home with their ears buzzing. 



Trend #3 Made you look:

In 2013, two companies in Virginia, Oddfellow’s and Evergreen Ice-cream Company set an amazingly high standard for America’s favorite frozen dessert.  As their inventive recipes made national news with high-concept ice cream flavors such as Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bourbon Pecan, and Chorizo Carmel Swirl they set the stage for 2014 to witness some amazing concepts competing in the frozen dessert market that will knock the socks off your guests. 

One local Nashville Company Las Paleta’s Gourmet Popsicles had the right ideas. Pineapple blackberry, Cucumber and Hot pepper, Banana Nut and Cookie are some of the creative things two sisters have put together that will impress your guests and help keep them cooled!


Adding any of these options to your spring or summer party will sure to be a hit!


MAN of Honor

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…doesn’t just stand for Maid of Honor anymore! Having a Man as your Maid of Honor use to be out of the question; but recently we have been seeing more and more brides asking their best guy friend to be their “right hand man” when it comes to their big day. Thanks to movies like “Maid of Honor” starring Patrick Dempsey and Michell Monaghan, men all over are stepping up to the challenge! Here are some ideas we have for dressing him, walking down the aisle, and flowers.

Dressing Him: You want him to look masculine, but you also need to make it clear that he belongs on your side of the party. One suggestion is for him to wear a tux, but for his vest to be the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses. How about a bow? Putting him in a color or print bowtie that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses could be a fun twist! For a bolder look have him wear a shirt that matches the bridesmaids.

Walking down the aisle: This is not a big deal, by no means does he have to walk with your honey’s Best Man! There are lots of options here beyond having him walk by himself, he could walk with a flower girl, or he could pick up a distinct single guest along the way like your sister or grandmother. There is nothing wrong with him walking side by side with the Best Man either.

Flowers: Does he have to have a bouquet too? No, after all if he is your MOH he will have to hold yours through most of the ceremony. He is your distinct guest so don’t be afraid to give him a boutonnière that does not match the groomsmen. Consider giving him something a little larger, with a variety of flowers.

It’s all about the presentation! A beautiful and creative tablescape to display your food can be the perfect touch to reflect your personal style and enhance your theme. Here are some great ideas on how to execute your own tablescape.



This example from The Sweetest Occasion.com shows a creative use of a dresser as a buffet. This close up view of the tablescape demonstrates a creative execution of varying heights. Floral arrangements in different containers (the mason jars in the cupcake tin and the flowers in the tall yellow container) soften the surrounding food display. The foods are also presented in varying containers. The colander, a serving platter, a scale, and mason jars are a welcomed variety versus the usual platters, bowls, and cake tiers often found on buffet lines. This eclectic mix on a unique buffet offer a creative tablescape for your event.

colorful tablescape

This tasty tablescape from lovewedbliss.com displays a colorful array of desserts. Notice the varying heights of the floral arrangements. An upside down goblet topped with a china plate creates a unique cake or dessert platter. The varying heights of the goblet stems result in an attractive height display of the desserts for this tablescape.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond the table! The banners strung across the backdrop of this tablescape provide a pleasant background to this dessert setting. Instead of using place cards to tell guests what the desserts are, this tablescape introduces flag-style displays to identify the treats. This adds to the eye catching height differences throughout the buffet.  Add different dishes full of bright candy and this dessert tablescape is complete.